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Let the Samsung Games Begin!

My childhood years were probably some of the happiest moments of my life. I ran across green fields, climbed trees, played hide and seek, and ate tons of candy. These elegiac monuments make me wish I could go back and play hard the whole day. Wouldn’t you want to go back in time when fun was outside? Times have changed. Children nowadays find happiness in different ways now. They just sit on the couch watching TV or play computer games all day long. Well, you really can’t blame the children because smartphones didn’t exist before. You may even sell HTC Inspire to get cash and buy a new gadget. With modern smartphones like the Samsung S3, you can have the option of playing and enjoying a small gadget that fits it all.

There are many games available for Galaxy S3. It really depends on what you want to download considering your preferences. I suggest these games because they can be interesting and fun to play.

Angry Birds Space

The objective is simple – hit all the pigs in the area by catapulting various birds with different abilities to win the game. It sounds easy but it’s actually hard to play. You estimate the bird’s projection, how strong the bird should catapult and when to use their special abilities if available. The Angry Birds became such a sensation that they have released many versions; the Angry Birds Space as the latest version. Set in outer space, this version includes catapulting birds on zero-gravity planets and or letting them rotate according to the planet’s pull. The pigs just look at the gravity-defying spectacle watching this free app come to life.

GTA III: 10-Year Anniversary

GTA has been around for years, so some might find their awesomeness too hot to bear. You control an avatar that does missions in order to earn money and reputation. The game brings thrill, action, drama and much more, making $4.88 totally worth it. You can steal cars, planes, or boats and travel across the city in style. You can threaten or hurt people to get cash. GTA lets you do things you can’t do in real life. The best part is when the police chase after you and you end up having no criminal liability. The cyber adrenaline rush is just too sweet to handle. Sell Motorola Captivate and buy Samsung Galaxy S3 if you plan to play this game. Galaxy 3’s quad-core Exynos CPU should digest this game in no time.

The Need for Speed

I used to play this when I was younger with my best friend.  We would spend all our lunch at school working just so we could play at the arcade from early afternoon to evening. We ended up happy and met again the next day to play Need for Speed. This game is truly fun. You use the hippest and coolest cars, from Ferraris to McLarens. Imagine using these cars and swooshing into empty streets. That’s cool.

Playing games is something you can never live without. Despite being serious at times, we have moments when we just want to play. These games are best played with the Samsung Galaxy S3. So, if you’re planning to get a Samsung phone, I would suggest that you should sell those cell phones like what I did when I sell my cell phone to buy a iPhone..

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