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Yahoo! Is No Longer Black

Yahoo! Is No Longer Black

Yahoo! is one big company. It has a search engine, a mailing domain, and a news site to name a few. Covering a large scope of the internet worldwide, they needed to hire as many as 12,000 employees (who have all sold their smart phones at some time) as of May this year. Working for a notable company does have perks and benefits. You may have allowances, compensations, and leaves. But, Yahoo! takes it to another level. They don’t just provide government-mandated benefits but they also share more than what is expected from them, considering their company sets standards. So, if they say that they only get standard phones, they mean it without the BlackBerry.

Yahoo!’s president and CEO Marissa Mayer has announced that employees can choose any smartphone they want but not BlackBerry phones. Employees may choose from the latest iPhone 5, Samsung S3, HTC, or Nokia phones, which the company will purchase for them. Yahoo! will also be paying for their phone bills and other charges. That’s a cool way being a Yahoo! employee. They will be willing to do it but only if it’s not a BlackBerry phone. This move made by Mayer has become quite an insult for RIM. It shows that RIM’s BlackBerrys have been blurred out of the smartphone industry. It is also apparent that BlackBerry phones have been not “not-so-cool” smartphones for quite some time now.

BlackBerry phones were what corporations used to prefer for smartphones. Due to their sophistication, design, and unique features, BlackBerrys are stars. But, the most recent smartphones have emerged from smartphone manufacturers, bringing with them the better technologies. That left BlackBerry smartphones out of the scene.  RIM reports loss of sales. They have to lay off workers just to keep up with the company’s financial demands. They have not been part of the smartphone hype. They are diving into a death spiral with only BlackBerry 10 as their hope. But with the BlackBerry 10 not in the market yet, Yahoo! prefers to distance itself away from the crumbling corporation.

It is sure that many Yahoo! employees will sell their phones in order to get cash and have their newly-provided company phones soon. As part of Yahoo!’s determination to exclude itself from BlackBerry, it also seized operations for Yahoo! for BlackBerry. That limits BlackBerry users from accessing to Yahoo! now. Yahoo! didn’t exactly give a reason for this drastic move. However, Yahoo! employees should not be surprised about such changes being implemented. Ever since Mayer was promoted to president and CEO, many changes have happened to Yahoo!. Benefits like free lunch and free phones have been given away. Many executives and employees have been fired. Its corporate culture has been radically revised.

Smartphone manufacturers are happy about this move, or at least most of them. This means bigger sales and exposure. Yet, these benefits will never reach RIM. They have been struggling and hoping to catch things up, but many have opted to sell used cell phones and prefer other brands. The world has been quite harsh to them.

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