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What’s So Smart About Smartphones?

October 30, 2012 Leave a comment

With the iPhone 4S’s and the iPhone 5’s Siri, it’s quite possible that the smartphone will soon usurp man’s long-standing best friend, the dog. A pooch jumps to life the moment you return home, barks at threatening strangers, and fetches your morning paper. But given that a smartphone can always be there to offer a reprieve in a variety of awkward moments, browse news from any spread from anywhere around the world, and even have an app that simulates having a dog, what else can you ask for?

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Facebook on fake Fanpage Likes

September 3, 2012 1 comment

Facebook on fake Fanpage Likes

After its quarterly filing to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and stating that five percent of its 995 million members have duplicated accounts and some ten percent of its total numbers could be fake Facebook profiles, the Palo Alto, California based Social Networking Giant has been dealing with another filtering problem.

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